My First My New Roots Recipe

OMG! Would you believe it? I cooked something and I didn’t burn the house down. And bonus, it tasted fantastic!

Now I will confess the events that lead up to my meal of delight. I was starving, hadn’t eaten anything yet in the day at 2:30pm because I was on a cleaning binge at the homestead. I realized my sudden hunger and promptly trekked myself out the door to buy the items on the shopping list in my My New Roots app. I got done shopping and ended up so starved I got a big old burrito bowl from my favorite, Chipotle. I also purchased a small tub of ice cream because I’d been “good” by cleaning so much and deserved a reward.

I’ve always heard you shouldn’t reward yourself with food so I guess that tub is going to sit there for a while and I’m going to be rationing spoon-fulls on special occasions.

Moving on… I came home and got fueled enough to begin cooking. I chose the Oh My Gosh, Spaghetti Squash recipe because it looked easy enough for my first shot in the kitchen. I feel the need to share that there were only 4 actual items in this recipe but none-the-less, I conquered it. Cook and prep time took about an hour and I was hesitant to get my hopes up, figuring I had a better chance thinking a piece of tree bark would be more tasty then this healthy heap in front of me. One bite in and I started losing my sight because my eyes were rolling back into my head with sheer delight at what I had just consumed. Yes, my delight and appreciation may have been out of balance based on the anticipated tree bark comparison but as I sit here eating my lunch (duh it’s the OMG SS) I am just as pleased.

I had enough to eat a healthy portion and make two large portions for meals in the week. Having had spaghetti squash before I know you need to consume a fair amount otherwise you WILL end up at Taco Bell for a Crunchwrap Supreme.

I ended the night with 25 squats. Yea, yea, that’s nothing I know but it was all I could do by the time my evening ended. Nobody likes to go to bed sweaty when they just cleaned their sheets. I can’t wait to try more recipes and can’t shake this happy feeling that I, miss kitchen failure, was able to follow directions to make something and actually like it! I even got fancy and put the mix back in the spaghetti squash half. I tantalize you below.

Till next attempt!

FullSizeRender (1)    FullSizeRender (2)


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