Truth is, I’m lucky. I’m lucky I have good genes and a fast metabolism. I’m lucky that I used to work out and had (until a year ago) some of that muscle still left. And I’ll be lucky not to get any health related conditions based on how I treat my body.

My viewpoint up until yesterday was that being healthy isn’t fun. And I still have no idea. But as I stumbled over a couple of awesome apps and inspiring Instagram pages I had a realization that maybe I could be like the people I saw and read about. Maybe I could change my lifestyle and be happy about it. Maybe I could finally treat my body well and thank it for being so good to me.

So I’m setting out on this adventure by myself and with anyone who cares to read if I can actually make it on this journey.

The first inspirational push I got was from Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. It’s opening my eyes to realize that a mind and a body can accomplish and overcome whatever they work together for. Second inspiration I needed was when I discovered the My New Roots app. I haven’t seen anything better out there that includes directions, shopping lists, and an explination for the foods you are cooking with and what they do that makes them good for you. My last inspirational nugget is still to be finalized between purchasing a yoga packet from one such Instagrammer that I ran across yesterday or using the app SWorkIt. I’ve used it once and found myself more motivated to work out then I had in years because they change up moves often enough and have someone on the screen doing it with you.

So I made my way to the grocery store and committed to my first two recipies from My New Roots as well as purchasing a couple of other healthy items. Tonight will be the test to see if I can even cook a meal without burning the house down. Oh did I mention, I also don’t cook? Yep – add that to the list of hurdles I stare at inhibiting me from a nice easy path to healthiness and try not to fall into a crying heap. But if there’s anyone who will be looking for the easiest, quickest, and best possible way to accomplish this you can bet it’ll be me.

Bon voyage!


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