I cannot continue to go on in silence. The public needs to be made aware of the shortcomings of a popular name brand company who is becoming a powerhouse. That company is Michael Kors and they are not to be trusted. I have detailed my experiences and the issues I have dealt with over a couple of years. May my experiences warn others.

Gia Tote (Collection Bag) – $999.00
I purchased this bag in May of 2013 from the Tysons Galleria store. I had just graduated from college and wanted to reward myself and to celebrate my entrance to the real world. I purchased the Gia Tote in black and was a very pleased first-time customer. Afterward, I became completely enchanted with Michael Kors style and purchased several additional accessories. I told all of my friends how awesome Michael Kors was.

In the summer of 2014, I noticed the large tote’s thin straps had begun to fray on the sides. Knowing there was a 2 year warranty for Collection Bags, I took the bag back to a Michael Kors store. The sales clerk rudely asked whether I carried a lot of items in the bag. The answer is yes, it’s a tote – not a clutch. They took my bag back and sent it in to be repaired.

I returned 3 weeks later and found that the fraying sides were simply glued back together. When I complained about the shoddy repair, the sales associate had no help, advice, or sympathy to give me. Since I had been without a purse for 3 weeks, I did not send it in again.

After 2 months of continuing to use the bag, but carrying fewer items – per the comment of the sales associate – I noticed the sides of the straps were fraying in the same places. I retired the bag to my closet and bought a new MK bag.

Before the 2 year warranty expired, I took the bag to the Montgomery Mall store to have it repaired. I asked that the actual straps be replaced and was told that the black strap with white stitching may not be available and that I could only get a black strap with black stitching.

I picked up my bag 7 weeks later and discovered that the straps were new, but that they had neglected to switch out the tag with white stitching that hangs from the strap. It looks horrible. The black straps detract from the aesthetic of the bag and the mismatched thread looks ridiculous. I was shocked when I picked it up and the sales associate curtly asked whether I had asked for the strap that holds the tag to be replaced as well. I don’t have to tell the dentist how to fix my teeth or an artist how to paint a portrait. So I would not have thought that I would have to give specific instructions on how to repair a high end bag. I am so upset with my bag that I A) cannot use much anymore because of its poor construction and that is B) ugly because of sloppy repairs. I ask, MICHAEL KORS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?

Hamilton East West (MK Bag) – $298.00
I bought this bag at the Williamsburg outlet store to fill the void when the Gia Tote was no longer fit for day-to-day use. Several months ago, I noticed that the cord in the handle has separated into two parts – instead of one piece where it attaches to the bag on both handles. Today, I noticed that the adhesive is failing. I ask, MICHAEL KORS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?

Michael Kors Eau De Parfum 1.7oz – $90.00
I received this as a Christmas present and was thrilled as I love the smell. The problem you may ask? One month after using it, I noticed an oily residue on my fingers when I applied the perfume. Beginning one month later, I noticed an oily residue leaking from the applicator and running down the side which has left a stain on the dresser I have had to relegate the perfume to only occasional use as it is slimy and leaks every time I use it. I ask, MICHAEL KORS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?

Silver-Tone Beaded Bracelet – $68.50
This was also a Christmas present. Such a beautiful bracelet! Two months later, the leather draw strap began to separate. I kept wearing it, making sure I was gentle. I even put the clasp over the fragile area to protect it. Shortly thereafter, I decided to have it replaced, but the bracelet in that style was no longer available. I ask, MICHAEL KORS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?

The problem is a lack of quality and customer service. The company has not stood behind its products to replace and correct the flaws that have resulted due to normal usage. They are selling purses deemed to be greater than or equal in value to their competitors such as Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, etc. except their quality is nowhere near it. Be forewarned. You may fall in love with their sense of style but the quality is not there to match the price.


9 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Michael Kors – you have a right to know!

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous! I hope Michael Kors is smart and courteous enough to replace the items that you have purchased and recieved as gifts! It is clear that you are (were) a loyal customer of theirs! Hearing your poor experience with their customer service and repair service doesn’t make me want to do any business with them. Let us know if they do anything to repair their relationship with you as a great customer! Until then, I’m not buying their products or recommending them.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am a huge fan of coach just because of their customer service and warranty. I feel when you pay a high price for something customer service should be granted at 100%. My daughter bought me Michael kors bag, I love it cause it came from her, it’s been 2 months so far. Thank you again


  3. Me too, I have had bad experiences on three of my 5 Michael Kors bag that I have owned.
    The first one (Jet Set signature brown color) that I bought in a Macy’s store, was a tote that in less than a month the buckle on one of the straps have broken, SAD :(, so I returned the overprice tote to the store for a full refund.
    *The second I bought at Macy’s too, a cute black “Jet Set Saffiano” tote with zipper, but in this time the paint has faded so horrible even dough I REALLY take care of my purses (this bag looks intact,like new,but with faded color )” never leave standing them on the floor, or never use them for more than 5 times a month, and never carry them with heavy stuff neither.
    * The third one I own an other “Jet Set Signature” (vanilla color this time) tote that looks nice,clean and crisp, except for the straps which looks so old and faded on color, now I’m looking for leather paint on amazon, so I can paint it (Just having trouble finding the name of the color that match with the straps, any tip there?).
    Anyway my point is, for the price that I paid on every purse, I’m not receiving the quality I expect on Michael Kors brand (two of these three bags hasn’t being used more than 3 months before they show signs of bad quality on paint or buckle, and the third one a jet set on vanilla color, has been own for a year now, and really needs to be re paint “straps only”)


  4. I will not purchase anything with Michael Koors name on it. I have a pocket book with fraying straps as well. I was unable to return because it was a year old. I very seldom used the bag;they also look dirty ,shame on you . I will stick with coach.

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    1. Cynthia, I am so sad to say that to this day Michael Kors has done nothing for me. After so many attempts to get someone’s attention to try to make it right. I’ve had my Coach bag for a year and a half and am thrilled with it still. No slouching, no issues with the straps, (same size as collection Gia bag) and it still looks brand new. I will be a Coach purse gal for life.


  5. As a loyal Coach client I was gifted with an MK purse by my husband and have been very disappointed with it, the staps are fraying and the leather is actually cracked and broken at the buckles on both strapes. It is less than a year old so I will try to take it to the MK store to see if they will honour the 1 year warranty so wish me luck! I have several coach bags that do not show any wear and tear and when I returned a wallet with a broken zipper (wiliing to pay for the repair work) they told me they could not repair it and gave me a $100.00 credit towards a new one. Needless to say I am going back to coach for the quality and customer service!

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    1. The sad thing is, if you get the MK bag repaired… in another year it will have the same issue and then no warranty to cover it. I am still so happy with my Coach purse that’s 2 years old and looks brand new. I’ve swapped out all my MK for Coach.


  6. Thanks for sharing your story! I definitely agree that Michael Kors items are not worth the price they go for. The quality of their bags and watches are terrible. I’ve decided to stop buying their items a while ago. From experience I know their watches are dipped once and prone to fading so the $230 price tag is not worth it. Bags are not made with care and probe to fraying, strap breaks, and tears. The brand is rubbish. I’m sticking to my Coach and LV items.

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    1. Esther thank you!! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. I totally agree, as I shared every single item was poor quality. I love my Coach bags and won’t ever go back.


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